Tracking & Locating Lost Animals

Featuring Guest Speaker Jacquelin Smith Animal Communicator & Author Tracking lost animals is the most challenging work any

Featuring Guest Speaker

Jacquelin Smith

Animal Communicator & Author

Tracking lost animals is the most challenging work any animal communicator does. I have been tracking lost animals for over twenty-five years with very good results. An entire chapter in my book, Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection, is dedicated to tracking lost animals.

I begin tracking in a spontaneous way when I get on the phone with a person. As I start tracking, I determine which compass direction the animal is in relationship to the person’s house. I communicate with the animal to discover if they are lost or if they have left home on purpose. Then, I look through the animal’s eye to see what they are viewing around them. Next, I view the area from above where the animal is so that I can see landmarks and objects. This allows me to collect details that I can share with the person. For example, I might hear chimes and see an animal hanging out in front of a yellow house that has a blue car parked in the driveway.

I gather as many details as I can find when tracking a missing animal. This way, the person can keep an eye out for these landmarks and objects when they go to look for their animal companion. Also, I teach people how to attract their animal companion’s home if they don’t find them after a few days.

People I’ve worked with have been successful in attracting their animal friends home with “The Magnetic Heart of Love Technique”, which I developed.

More About Jacquelin..

Jacquelin Smith is an internationally known animal communicator and psychic who lives in Columbus, Ohio. She is a pioneer in the field of telepathic communication with animals. Jacquelin has been communicating with animals and has worked as a psychic with people professionally for more than thirty years.

Since 1972 she’s been actively involved in studying animal life and behavior, and teaching workshops. After receiving a B.A., Jacquelin worked as an animal technician and dog trainer, while studying psychology. She is also a board-certified hypnotherapist which has deepened her communication skills with people and animals. She has studied shamanic work for over fifteen years.

Jacquelin has communicated with animals in zoological parks and in the wild during her travels in Africa and South America. She has communicated with cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, bats, birds, bears, chimps, rabbits and many other species.

She combines telepathic communication with traditional and holistic methods and offers practical ways to resolve a wide variety of issues with animals. Jacquelin has been tracking lost animals for over twenty years with great results.

Jacquelin has been communicating with animals, star beings, and interdimensional beings since early childhood. She has taught workshops on animal communication and in various cities throughout the United States. Also, Jacquelin teaches workshops on communicating with star beings.

She offers apprenticeship programs to people who want to learn how to communicate with animals and with star beings. Her book, Animal Communication—Our Sacred Connection, is one of the most comprehensive books on animal communication and animals. Her newest book, Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals, shares conversations with animals’ souls about the realms and star systems they have come from originally. This book also delves into why they are on Earth, and messages they wish to share with humans.

Jacquelin’s work continues to receive media coverage through radio interviews and television talk shows.

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