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SB103: Fundamentals of Feline Behavior


SB103 – Fundamentals of Feline Behavior ::

This course focuses on the basic concepts of animal and feline behavior. Material includes what motivates behavior, factors that influence behavior, and basic management strategies for feline behavior problems. Participants will learn how to look at feline behavior from a cat’s point of view, an essential starting place for understanding feline behavior. Learn how to listen to the client’s story, and use animal communication to “ask the right questions” and get details that will help you develop a plan of action to change unwanted behaviors.
This course is available on-demand, and includes a full class audio recording and the course material handout. For students taking this course as part of an ASN Program of Study, and if you are working toward a Certificate of Completion, you are to complete the fieldwork assignment for this course and have it reviewed. The Fieldwork must also be submitted if you are transferring the learning units from this H2H class to another institution.

Class Details:

Prerequisite: None.
Class format: On Demand (see below to purchase on demand).
Course hours: 1.5 hours.
Course credits: 1.5 units.
Tuition: $47.00
This class is facilitated by Joan Levergood.
This class is only available on-demand at this time.

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