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HL101: Fundamentals of Holistic Animal Health


HL101 – Fundamentals of Holistic Animal Health ::

In this class we will discuss the four most common forms of Holistic Veterinary Medicine available in the US. These are Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Herbs. For each modality we will look at the theories behind them, their indications, how they may be synergistic when used together. We will also consider some of the problems that may be associated with them. In addition to these areas, we will also touch on the topics of vaccinations and nutrition, and how these play a role in the animals’ overall wellbeing, and can affect the results obtained using holistic modalities.

This course is available on-demand, and includes a full class audio recording and the course material handout. For students taking this course as part of the H2H Program of Study, and if you are working toward a Certificate of Completion, you are to complete the fieldwork assignment for this course and have it reviewed. The Fieldwork must also be submitted if you are transferring the learning units from this ASN class to another institution.
Class Details:
Prerequisite: None.
Class format: On Demand
Course hours: 1.5 hours.
Course credits: 1.5 units.
Tuition: $47.00
This class is facilitated by Dr. John J. Hanover, DVM

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