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EH107: Intro to Energetic Scanning & Practicum


EH107: Introduction to Energetic Scanning & Practicum

Feeling what is below the surface brings light to so many situations that animals are experiencing.

Identifying disturbances or congestion in an animal’s energy field or physical body can give an animal intuitive additional information or guidance in asking pertinent questions, and in helping the animals person understand the animals needs more clearly.

For energy healing practitioners, the scanning process is an ongoing aspect of any session that provides practical information for healing.

In this course you will discuss and practice methods of tuning into, connecting with, or scanning an animal’s energy to supplement telepathic information received from the animal.

This course includes exercises, discussion, practical application and materials focusing on important aspects of this work, including energetic hygiene practices.

In part 3, the practicum session, a variety of current client and rescue/shelter case studies will be presented for live practice scanning during the class by course participants. Discussions, learning and sharing will be based on the types of concerns presented by the animal teachers, and what the animals wish to share both with individuals and the class group.

In taking this class, please be prepared to fully participate in the course for the benefit of both animal and human participants. Please be conscious of your sacred space and surrounding environment during the scheduled class to avoid distractions, and enhance the learning opportunity during this practicum.

Class Details:

Prerequisite: None. Basic understanding of energy fields is suggested.

Class format: Teleclass.

Course hours: 4.5 hours in three 90 minute sessions.

Course credits: 4.5 units.

Tuition: $185.00

This class is facilitated by Mary Baumstark.

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