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BM102: Essential Guidance for Healers


BM102 – Ethics & Essential Guidance for Healers ::

Learning about aspects of who we in our roles as holistic practitioners can significantly impact our abilities to support others on their paths of healing. Carolyn Myss’ unique and vibrant way of delivering such key learnings in the following areas through her CD program, “Essential Guide for Healers”, will have a solid impact each and every time you re-listen to the messages contained within her audio:

  • Archetypes, and the myth of the wounded healer
  • The critical nature of self-esteem and trust of our own inner experiences
  • Aspects of being a mature healer, and helping to empower clients
  • Understanding the critical nature of energetic boundaries
  • Relearning “what is illness”?
  • Acknowledgement of the shadow side, and navigating burnout, private agendas, and the illusion of competition
  • Acceptance of right livelihood for healers

As part of the training programs offered through H2H, this material is key to your role of being effective both for yourself and your own family, and your role as a professional practitioner. We will explore and discuss how the information and concepts from Carolyn’s material can apply to assist in the field of holistic animal support.

Course completion includes:

  • Purchase Essential Guide for Healers by Carolyn Myss (4 CD set) and review independently.
  • Review the associated BM102 course audio provided at the time of class registration.
  • Complete and submit the fieldwork assignment .
  • A brief private mentoring/coaching review will then be scheduled to discuss any additional topics or questions.

This course is available on-demand, and includes a full class audio recording.

For students taking this course as part of an H2H Program of Study, and if you are working toward a Certificate of Completion, you are to complete the fieldwork assignment for this course and have it reviewed.

Class Details:
Prerequisite: None.
Class format: Fieldwork and phone session.
Course hours: 1.5 hours.
Course credits: 2.0 units.
Tuition: $57.00
This class is facilitated by Carol Schultz

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