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Animal Communication Sessions


A consultation between you and your animal and me is an experience that is interactive, enlightening, healing, and fun!

90 minute consultation – $360

60 minute consultation – $240

45 minute consultation – $180

30 minute consultation – $120



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At the beginning of the session I will tune in with your animal friend, whether alive or in spirit, and share with you what they have to say, send, or what they show. Often the animals move right into conversing with you about their lives and how they perceive situations and experiences. Then we can move into covering topics and questions that you have to discuss with the animal, and the conversation may build upon those topics and exchanges. Often the animals have information to share with you that may not even be on your topic list. The time flows by quickly, so you may have the session recorded, or you may wish to take very good notes.

I ask that you prepare with a list of questions and topics ahead of time so that we are sure to cover important points. This is a guideline for the conversation, however the conversation takes on its own flow once we get going. I prefer to work in this interactive style, with you very much a part of the conversation, rather than me giving you a “reading” of your animal companions.

Before beginning, I will need to know the animal’s name, age, breed, color and any special markings. If you can please email a photograph of your animal friend.

I ask that you tell me any information that is important to you or your animal about topics we are discussing. This facilitates the connection as you are involved as well. I am not interested in being “tested” or trying to convince anyone. I do not work for approval, ever. I am only interested in being a direct connection between you and your animal friend so that you may share thoughts, ideas and feelings. I love my work, and I give you my best.

Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive a confirmation letter from me that outlines how to prepare and what I will need from you prior to your session.

Most of my work is done over the telephone. In-person consultations are available on a limited basis for clients in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada area.

All sessions are digitally recorded, and you will receive a link to download the mp3 recording of your session within 48 hours.

This is a very sweet and special time for you and your animal friend, so relax, enjoy and let it flow.

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90 minute session, 60 minute session, 45 minute session, 30 minute session


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