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AC302: Level 3 Animal Communication: Case Study Grouping A


AC302: Level 3 Animal Communication: Case Study Grouping A – $185
Description: This course is for you to take after completing one or all of your first 4 case study communications. Before registering for this course, you will have completed case study communications, written the required review summaries, and now you are ready to discuss them in a 1:1 mentoring/review session with me.

This time is just for you to ask questions, get feedback, support and guidance around the communication, and share what you learned through the communication experience for each of your case studies. This course includes time for me to review each of your written case study summaries and 1:1 mentoring/review session(s) totaling 45 minutes. You may schedule this mentoring time according to your own needs. It is recommended that you complete 2 of the 4 case studies, then register for this course to schedule the first 20-30 minutes of your mentoring time. The remaining 15-25 minutes of time will be banked for you to use upon completion of the remaining case studies in grouping A (4 total).

On Demand pricing same as live class pricing.

This class is facilitated by Kristin Thompson

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