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AC301: Case Study Insights & Inspiration Class


AC301: Case Studies Inspiration & Insights Course

Learn the Why, How and What for creating awesome communication sessions and Case Studies!

Why doing case studies will accelerate your training and prepare you for your own ‘practice’ or a professional career.

How to get the most out of your Animal Communication practice sessions to build your confidence and competence.

What to record and how to submit your summaries for credit toward your program completion certificate.

Get inspired and stay inspired with a wonderful supportive Circle of others who will help you to celebrate successes and work through any struggles you have along the way.

AC301 is a course in experiencing Case Studies, where you integrate your skills and get feedback on your communication experiences. There are 4 case studies needed before participating in the Level 4 class. A community of others working on this advanced level of study is available for sharing, support and fun during this experiential time.

Level 3 is the time to move forward with enthusiasm toward completing the Core Courses. Participants may attend Level 4, and begin Level 5, based on the stated prerequisites for those classes. For the full Animal Communication program of study, Level 3 will be considered fully complete for a participant when the Core Courses are all completed.

Here are the steps in the case study process and AC301:

Overview Call: 45 minute teleconference call or on-demand class recording. The instructor covers the requirements for the cases, inspirations for potential case study communications, aspects of the communications you do to focus on and bring into your case study experience, many helpful hints, and you get to ask all your questions. You will receive the forms and written format examples for submitting your case studies.

Share and get support from others through our H2H Case Studies Circle.  We meet as a group each month to review case insights, address questions and topics that are related to cases, share successes, and stories of growth and inspiration.   We also do a LIVE 1:1 group communication with a client partner team from our Circle.

Written Case Study summaries are required for this course completion. All forms and formats are given with the AC301 Course material.

Feedback and Mentoring: Individual private mentoring is included in the AC302 Case Review Pack.

Class Details:

Prerequisite: AC202 or AC203, BM101, or instructor approval.

Class format: Teleclass, or On Demand, and case study e-mail group.

Course hours: One 45 minute session.

Course credits: 0.5 units.

Tuition: $125.00

On Demand pricing same as live class pricing.

This class is facilitated by Kristin Thompson

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(prerequisites:  AC102, AC202 and within one month of AC301, must complete BM101)


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