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AC212: Animals as Healers: Archetypes


AC212 – Animals as Healers: Archetypes ::

In this class we’ll more deeply explore how our relationships with animals help us to get in touch with our inner selves through the roles of the Archetypes. This exciting work is as ancient as Plato, as transforming as Jung, and has been mainstreamed and modernized by Carolyn Myss. Quoting Carolyn: “…(archetypes) take an active role as guardians and inner allies, awakening you when you’re in danger of falling into destructive behavior.” We’ll work with Carolyn’s Archetype Card deck, exploring the wisdom animals graciously gift to us by teaching us about the archetypes.
Amazing and profound insights can be discovered, which will serve to transform your life on many levels, as well as prepare you for your work with clients and their animals.

This course is available on-demand, and includes a full class audio recording and the course material handout. For students taking this course as part of an H2H with Animals Program of Study, and if you are working toward a Certificate of Completion, you are to complete the fieldwork assignment for this course and have it reviewed. You do not need to complete the fieldwork assignment if you are not planning to earn a Certificate of Completion from an ASN Program of Study. The Fieldwork must also be submitted if you are transferring the learning units from this ASN class to another institution.

Class Details:

Prerequisite: AC110. Purchase Archetype Cards by Carolyn Myss (divination card set and guide book) for cross-reference of material presented during the class, and continued review of concepts with the assistance of your animal companions.
Class format: Downloadable On Demand
Course hours: 1.5 hours.
Course credits: 1.5 units.
Tuition: $47.00
This class is facilitated by Kathy Kawalec

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