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AC202: Level 2 Animal Communication 2 part-payment

$280.00 for 3 weeks

A 6-week Online Course 

Tuesdays 8/1 through 9/5/17
9:30 – 11:30am Eastern Time (Class start time may be modified based on needs of group members in different time zones

Early registration price available through July 19th!

Continue along the ever fascinating journey of communicating with animals, and open yourself to receive the vast information that is held in the complete messages from the animals. In this Level 2 course, learn to synchronize more completely with animal teachers, so that you may understand the depth and full meaning of their communications with you. Learn techniques to further assist in understanding animal's experiences physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – connecting with them as complete beings.

Journey through exercises to let go of blocks to your communications with animals, and move past old patterns that may be hindering your complete connection. Learn, directly from the animals, how to understand your place as a unique human within the realms of Nature, while learning about life's greatest lessons from these masterful beings who share our world. Enrich yourself with new patterns and ideas to assist you in the exploration and advancement of your human-animal-nature-earth connection.

Class Details:

Prerequisite: AC102 or AC103 & AC150 The Bridge.

Recommended: Basic and advanced reading on animal communication (i.e. “When Animals Speak”, and “Animals in Spirit”, by Penelope Smith)

Class format: Teleconference & Online Materials & Forum

Course hours: 12.0 hours in six 120 minute sessions, plus e-mail group and special practicum session.

Course credits: 14.0 units.

Tuition: $557 in one fullpayment (*2 part payment option of 2 equal payments of $280 made 3 weeks apart)
This class is taught by Kristin Hadley Thompson

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