The is a growing global community where you can share information, and learn about holistic animal care and intuitive healing arts. It’s an interactive and compassion-focused sharing circle… engaging, exploring, and one of collective intelligence and inspiration.

walk through this doorway

into a world made magical when shared, heart to heart, with animals! Your animals model for you a most beautiful way to experience life – a life full of joy, forgiveness, resilience, unconditional love and grace. Animals are there for us in the ups and downs that life brings. We share times of happiness and ease, and they also walk with us through times of grief and sadness. They help us learn to be present with what life brings for us, no matter where we are in our journey.

play in the Cafe!

Enjoy conversations with people involved in animal healing arts and with people who are quite simply devoted to their dogs, cats, horses, birds and other animal friends. Everyone in the Heart2Heart with Animals Cafe is here to share and learn all they can about how rich and amazing life is when we fully open our hearts to our animal friends!

animal communication courses
animal communication course

learn how to live

in the full presence of everything around us, just as the animals do. Enjoy truly awesome benefits when you join this wonderful, warm community of animal loving people, animal communicators, and holistic animal practitioners. Meet up with others who are practicing Animal Communication professionally as well as others just starting out on this magical journey of interspecies communication.

In their words...

For me the Animal Spirit Cafe is a very tangible way to have a safe and secure way of experiencing animal communication and so many other aspects of life with our animal companions. It’s a great place to find speakers,discussions, practices and so much more.
The Cafe speakers are a way of learning about ideas and concepts that may not be addressed or discussed anywhere else!
My life has been changed by all that I have experienced with these courses and the Cafe offerings. I have learned how to look at life, animals and nature, in a more sacred and spiritual way. And while I just thought I was being taught by you and the animals about animal communication, the animals were really teaching me about myself. That has been a life changer. Uncovering all those layers unveiled a whole new me!
This is an intimate and personal ‘trip’ for those who wish to explore it.
Through the Cafe, I have grown as an animal communicator and as a person. My life has changed completely in that I now do the work I love, and help people and their animals in ways I only imagined I could. The Cafe with all of it’s short classes and opportunities to practice in animal communication has given me the confidence to actually say I am a Professional Animal Communicator.
Jennifer L.

When you join the Café, you are on your way to enriching your life and the lives of the animals you love and serve. So come on in… the doors are always open!

Here are the wonderful offerings and benefits you will get as a Heart2Heart Café member:

Animal Wisdom Mastery Webinars

These monthly calls, classes, gatherings are opportunities to learn and grow from a variety of professionals in the fields of Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, Species Behavior, Energetic Healing, Gaiasophy, Holistic Business Development, Holistic Living and much more.

These Webinars are 1-hour 'Short Courses'..

All of the Animal Wisdom Mastery Hours are recorded, and held in a easily accessible library for you to access anytime. So if you can’t join the live call, you can listen to the recording when it is convenient for you! The recordings are available 24-7!

And most importantly..

Let your sweet friends share their wisdom with others about topics you wish to explore. There are amazing animal communicators who participate in the Practice Circle. It is a fun, heart expanding, mind opening, love-filled opportunity either way you participate. 

Monthly H2H with Animals Communication Practice Circles

We have a new Animal Teacher each month, with new insight and wisdom to share with us. And these circles are a fantastic way to develop your animal communication skills, increase your confidence, gain experience, and expand your perspectives. It is also a wonderful experience to participate with your animal friend as the Animal Teacher Partners.

Immediate Access to all Previously Recorded Material

When you join the Heart2Heart Cafe, you immediately have access to all of the previously recorded Animal Wisdom Mastery Hours (XXX+) in the archives. So joining today gives you the benefits of having been here for years already! H2H App – Coming Soon! Download the Hear2Heart Cafe App, so you can access the Community and Library anytime, anywhere!

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I like the warm, open atmosphere in the Heart2Heart Cafe, where everyone is welcome and encouraged to be themselves, all are encouraged to share, learn and grow together.  It is one of the “safest” places I know of to grow as an animal communicator!

Lauren S.

The Practice Circles have made the most incredible impact for me!  I haven’t built my professional practice enough yet to have regular clients at this point, and this helps me to keep practicing on a regular basis.

Dawn T.

The Café has helped me to be less of a perfectionist, to relax a bit more with life’s little ups and downs, and to be a better listener.

Marcia B.

Additional Bonuses for when you become a Cafe Member:

Special Events & Quarterly Mini-Classes

Be inspired by the other people in this wonderful community !  A super-comfy love-seat in the H2H Café includes an online gathering place – where you and all the other Café members can connect and share experiences, resources and grow your work, your self, and your practice!

10% Off any Class Registration!

Save money as you gather knowledge and experience! Get 10% Off registration for any of the classes you wish to take at H2H with Animals –  including live and pre-recorded classes. (*Discount does not apply to the already discounted price when registering for the entire Program of Study.)

*NOTE: This is a non-refundable, auto-debit recurring membership. Please track your start date and if you would like to cancel or make changes to your membership, we must have 14 days notice prior to the renewal date.