Sacred space that is clear and pure can be a grounded balance point from which we feel safe, strong, nourished and prepared to be open hearted … and upon your return embraces you as a welcoming heart home.   Wherever you practice your work as an animal communicator or healer can be a sanctuary – a retreat […]

with Kristin Hadley Thompson Meditation  is a perfect way to find an inner state of stillness and calm, that quiet presence that exists beyond the stress and chaos of life. But don’t just meditate – meditate with your animal! Including your animal friends in your meditation practice is a wonderful way to enhance the healthy benefits […]

presented by Kristin Hadley Thompson Description: What secrets lie in our bodies and the bodies of the animals we love, and work with? Many times animals do not cognitively know the answers to questions we have for them. This comes up in many different situations, such as: is their food meeting their nutritional needs? is […]

Featuring Guest Speaker  Salmeh Moghimi Learning to move through the layers within ourselves to reach, nuture and heal our inner child with the help of our animal partnerships while recognizing our negative core beliefs and replacing them with positive ones to create and attract the life we want to live. More About Salmeh… My relationship […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Mary Ann Simonds -Human/Animal Life Coach Explore this critical path for quickly bringing balance and beauty. With polluted water and air, climate change causing drastic weather, species being eradicated daily, wars erupting all over the planet, deforestation taking place faster than we can plant trees, and the population increasing exponentially, the Earth, […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Mary Ann Simonds Human/Animal Life Coach This presentation is part of the new Cafe Gaiasophy Series: Toward a More Nurturing and Loving Relationship with Our Earth Explore our relationship with Nature and how we can learn to model human culture and society toward a more sustainable and nature-based future. Women as Nurturers […]

Featuring ASN Faculty Linda Epstein ~ Animal Intuitive and EFT Instructor EFT provides two remarkable benefits for weight loss that sets it apart from other methods: Benefit #1 – EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Immediate Cravings. Using EFT for 1 or 2 minutes can arrest your cravings in an estimated 80% of the cases. […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Lynn McKenzie ~ Animal Intuitive The chakra system holds the key to so many imbalances in our animal companions, whether they are of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. By unlocking these imbalances, we not only enable them to live in greater comfort and joy, but we can unravel their untold stories, […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Donna Lozito ~ CCH Animal Communication Specialist In this hour Donna explain the basics of Homeopathic Medicine and how she uses her Animal Communication Skills to select a remedy for an animal. She will discuss a few remedies for home use and describe how to use them in daily life. More About […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Linda Binns ~ Professional Energy Coach, Author, Speaker and Consultant Many people are feeling stuck in some way right now. Perhaps you’ve been feeling that way for some time, or perhaps you’re finding now the things that have worked for you in the past are no longer working in the same way. […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Nancy Windheart ~ Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200, Yoga Alliance, Lifeforce Yoga® Practitioner, Level 1), Animal Communicator, Reiki Master/Teacher Lifeforce Yoga®, developed by Amy Weintraub (MFA, E-RYT 500 ), is a system of Yoga practices that are designed intentionally to work with and manage the mood. Many sensitive and intuitive people may struggle […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Ann Lisette Wesso ~ Holistic Health Consultant & Educator Guidance on how to “Increase Your Intuition” will be shared in order to be able to enhance the communication connection with animals, and assist you with other areas of your life, such as health and happiness. You will learn quick and easy ways […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Ronni Hall ~ Artistic Spiritual Teacher & Professional Intuitive Empath Are you too sensitive? In this intro class, learn about the 10 nature and psychic tools that will help you and your animal tame your sensitivity and see it as the gift it is. More About Ronni.. Ronni Ann Hall is an […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Ronni Ann Hall ~ Artistic Spiritual Teacher & Professional Intuitive Empath As Sensitive people, we can be prey to psychic vampires, the emotional bullies of the world. We carry the emotional weight of the world and pick up what isn’t ours unconsciously, and then are negatively affected. These are some of the […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Jean Lindgren ~ Animal Communicator and Shamanic Practitioner Easy to learn psychic tools for: Neutrality: finding and holding that neutral place where you’re free of judgment, think clearly, and receive more accurate information Boundaries: setting, grounding, and owning them for clarity and protection Making Separations: very important aspect of working with animals […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Linda Binns ~ Professional Energy Coach, Author, Speaker and Consultant So many people have issues with clutter. But I also find that most people don’t understand exactly what clutter is and just how it affects them. With that understanding, they find it much easier to deal with. In this tele-seminar you will […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Linda Binns ~ Professional Energy Coach, Author, Speaker and Consultant Whatever your financial goals are, whether you’re finding it hard to make ends meet or whether your challenge is to move from six figures to seven more easily, understanding the energy of money and changing your energy around money can help you […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Denise Iwaniw ~ Coptic Minister, Author and Intuitive Teacher Please join author and internet radio/tv show host, Denise Iwaniw, for an hour of all things mystical and Angelic in this Mastery Hour Teleclass! This heavenly Teleclass will focus on our connection to the realm of pure light and sound, known as the […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Sage Lewis ~ Creature Teacher with Dancing Porcupine Celebrate the New Year with Sage in this spiritually driven Mastery Hour. Discover how creating more balance in your own life will affect you, your loved ones, your pets and the planet. Who you are matters. You will leave with guidance, support and knowledge […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Ronni Hall ~ Artistic Spiritual Teacher & Professional Intuitive Empath In the summer, I teach my Fairy classes at a time where we all play in our gardens and sniff the flowers in our yards. Come winter, the trees are all bare and the flowers are gone from the garden shops. My […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Ronni Hall ~ Artistic Spiritual Teacher & Professional Intuitive Empath Chakras are the vital, circling energy centers in our bodies that keep us in balance. Our first and second chakras, located at the base of the spine (the first chakra), and pelvis (second chakra), are all about survival and physical needs, and […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Dr. Greg Hitter, PhD ~ SelfQuesting™ Founder and Facilitator SelfQuesting™ finds and unites splintered parts of ones awareness (Self) — as they speak through the issues of ones life — into a wholeness of freely-radiant conscious oneness. In so doing SelfQuesting™ redirects the less-causal levels of ones being (energy, mind, body, and […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Janet Marlow ~ Composer, Researcher, and Author Music is a powerful language for animals as it mimics the language and hearing sensitivities for an animal’s life in nature. I will talk about the invisible world of sounds for animals in our care and my groundbreaking research and music that makes all the […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Jacquelin Smith ~ Animal Communicator & Author The powerful work of soul recovery involves gathering the pieces of an animal’s spirit and/or pieces of their energy bodies that have fragmented due to trauma and integrating them back into their proper place so that the animal’s mind, body, emotions and soul are once […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Evelyn Elkin Giefer ~ Animal Communicator & Veterinarian The ability of thoughts and intention to affect physical reality has long been a subject of speculation and scientific research. All living things have an animating essence and innate spark of divine intelligence. What is this Life Force made of? How does it express […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Linda Binns ~ Professional Energy Coach, Author, Speaker and Consultant We all want success. Unfortunately though, we’ve mostly been taught that you can either be successful or happy. Life often seems to be more about struggle than harmony. On this call, you’ll learn 12 important energy principles that will help you live […]