It’s so simple!  Breathing is often does not get enough credit in our connection and communication with animals, nature and other beings.   it’s natural it’s free every being does it we are born experts at it you have control over it (most of the time) you can change it we share it with all life it […]

Animal Wisdom Mastery Hour: We are born sensing and sensitive.  We are hardwired to feel in every way imaginable, and to experience a vast range of emotions in our hearts through our relationships with other living beings, and to experience the incredible variety of sensory stimulation available in our world.   This is being animal, […]

We are born sensing and sensitive.  We are hardwired to connect and feel – in every way imaginable, and to experience a vast range of emotions in our hearts through our relationships with other living beings, and to experience the incredible variety of sensory stimulation through our bodies.   This is being animal, human animals […]

It can be challenging sometimes to trust what you receive telepathically when tuning in with your own animals.  Sometimes it can feel as though you aren’t getting anything at all!   Or that dear old friend, “doubt” chimes in and creates havoc with your confidence and trust in your own intuition and abilities.  Chances are […]

presented by Kristin Hadley Thompson As animal communicators, we open our senses and our hearts to recognize, understand and know the whole being when we connect with an animal of any species.  We can be challenged by our human tendencies to observe, assess, rationalize and compartmentalize. By learning to slow down, and through awareness and […]

Sacred space that is clear and pure can be a grounded balance point from which we feel safe, strong, nourished and prepared to be open hearted … and upon your return embraces you as a welcoming heart home.   Wherever you practice your work as an animal communicator or healer can be a sanctuary – a retreat […]

with Kristin Hadley Thompson Meditation  is a perfect way to find an inner state of stillness and calm, that quiet presence that exists beyond the stress and chaos of life. But don’t just meditate – meditate with your animal! Including your animal friends in your meditation practice is a wonderful way to enhance the healthy benefits […]

Applying Manual Muscle Testing to Assist and Support Animals – Part 2: Hands on Testing Presented by : Kristin Hadley Thompson Description: Part 2 of this Mastery Hour series focuses on using Manual Muscle Testing directly to determine the best healing remedies, supplements, modalities and approaches for your animals, and you! Please be sure to […]

presented by Kristin Hadley Thompson Description: What secrets lie in our bodies and the bodies of the animals we love, and work with? Many times animals do not cognitively know the answers to questions we have for them. This comes up in many different situations, such as: is their food meeting their nutritional needs? is […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Jacquelin Smith Animal Communicator & Author Tracking lost animals is the most challenging work any animal communicator does. I have been tracking lost animals for over twenty-five years with very good results. An entire chapter in my book, Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection, is dedicated to tracking lost animals. I begin […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Carole Devereux  Animal Communicator Carole will share about lost animals from the perspective that “there are no accidents,” and that the Soul conceives and plans lessons of loss for spiritual reasons and personal growth. People and animals who have unconsciously agreed to this type of lesson learn something they could not have […]

Featuring Guest Speaker  Salmeh Moghimi Learning to move through the layers within ourselves to reach, nuture and heal our inner child with the help of our animal partnerships while recognizing our negative core beliefs and replacing them with positive ones to create and attract the life we want to live. More About Salmeh… My relationship […]

Featuring Guest Speaker  Mary Ann Simonds ~ Human/Animal Life Coach It is more important than ever to share our ability to communicate with life, not just with animals but all of nature. This talk will explore: How science is discovering that our hearts have “brains” which relate to our minds, offering an explanation for why people […]

Featuring Guest Speaker Kristin Thompson – Animal Communicator and Animal Relationship Coach   Animals gift us in many ways throughout our lives, bringing us new light and awareness on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. When we reflect on each animal in our family and what their gifts have been for us, we are then […]

Featuring Guest Speaker  Kazuko Tao – Animal Communicator and Energy Healer Animals play incredibly valuable roles in our life, offering an unbroken circle of dedication, love & healing over many lifetimes. In this presentation we will explore our animals as messengers and mirrors for our heart and soul, in both current and past lifetimes, and how they […]

Featuring Guest Speaker  Cathy Currea  Animal Communicator, Humane Educator & Reiki Teacher/Practitioner Animal Communication and Animal Reiki are amazingly compatible and co-create incredible healing results for your animal when blended together. Animal Communication is an intuitive, telepathic and spiritual connection that enables animals to share their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints with you. Animal Reiki (pronounced […]