I want you to have a beautiful thriving practice, that feels satisfying, effective, inspiring and ethically sound for you, and that is filled with clients who truly appreciate your services.

I offer 1:1 Coaching Packages to support the growth and development for students, practitioners, and other related professionals who want to do work that makes their heart sing – make excellent money doing so –  and have a business they are completely in love with.

Your essence is in your work.

The healing power of your practice is related to your skills and abilities as an animal communicator, your hands on experience with animals and their people, all of the other useful tools that you bring along in your backpack of resources, and your open-heart. 

The success of your business is related to:

  • attracting your soul clients
  • charging what you are worth
  • giving transformational consultations
  • offering content, trainings and packages that exceed your client’s expectations
  • and filling your year-long calendar with amazing offerings that are full of your ideal clients

I am here to help you with all of this….from my heart to yours. 

In these private 1:1 Coaching Packages, these are some of the topics we can work together on, and of course anything that is unique to you and your own personal/professional development and business.

  • Developing your Professional Animal Communication Practice
  • Developing a Spiritual Practice That Includes Animal Communication
  • Branding your business so it is unique to you and reflects your place in this amazing field!  
  • Ethical considerations in Animal Communication and Related Fields
  • Packaging your services in ways that meet client needs, and your own
  • Pricing your programs and offerings so they reflect your value
  • Creating and maintaining the mindset of a powerful and successful practitioner and business owner
  • Advancing your skills and abilities as a Practitioner and/or a Teacher of Animal Communication

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