I want you to have a beautiful thriving practice, that feels satisfying, effective, inspiring and ethically sound for you, and that is filled with clients who truly appreciate your services.

I offer Practitioner Mentoring and Coaching Sessions to support the growth and development for students, fellow practitioners, and other related professionals.

Your essence is in your work.

The healing power of your practice is related to your skills and abilities as an animal communicator, your hands on experience with animals and their people, all of the other useful tools that you bring along in your backpack of resources, and your open-heart. This is the purest form of service. Your practice can be pure and potent. And it feels like magic when you share it with others. Your animal communication practice grows as you do. I am here to support you in your growth.

In these private 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions, these are some of the topics we can work together on, and of course anything that is unique to you and your own development.

  • Developing your Skills & Abilities in Animal Communication
  • Developing your Professional Animal Communication Practice
  • Developing a Spiritual Practice That Includes Animal Communication
  • Ethics and Boundaries in Animal Communication and Related Fields of Practice
  • Practitioner Drain
  • Working with Clients
  • Discussing Challenging Cases
  • Setting Up Your Animal Communication Business & Basic Business Management
  • Overcoming Resistance in Communication & Your Work as an AC
  • When You Are Ready to Teach Animal Communication

Here you can review options for booking and scheduling sessions.

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(3)  60 minute sessions – $650 (reduced from $720)

(3)  45 minute sessions – $480 (reduced from $540)

(3)  30 minute sessions – $320 (reduced from $360)

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Scheduling and Payment
Confidentiality, Ethics and Professional Guidelines

Purchase your consultation: Payment is required in advance of consultations. I accept payments through my website shopping cart system, so once you complete your payment, you can schedule your appointment through the ScheduleOnce calendar system. 

I offer multiple session packages that include discounted rates. See Session & Consultation Packages above.

If you would like to pay by check or money order, you must send me an email request to schedule your appointment, and post your check or money order payment by snail mail for receipt in advance of your session, to this address:

Kristin Hadley Thompson
3282 Coomer Road
Newfane, NY 14108

Scheduling: After you have purchased your session, please use this Schedule Link above to schedule your appointment for a time convenient for you. The booking system automatically calculates any time zone differences when you choose your own time zone at the start.

Emergency Consultations: If you are in need of an emergency consultation, please email me, and I will do my best to set a time for you. I have limited availability for emergency consultations to be scheduled in addition my regular office hours. Emergency consultations include a fee of $50.00 in addition to the regular consultation fee, and must be paid for in advance of the session.

In-Person Consultations: I have limited availability for local in-person consultations, but I would love to meet you and your animal family in person for our session if that is important for you. In-Person consultations include: 1 hour consultation + travel of up to 30 minutes each way, and the cost is $380

To schedule an in-person consultation, please purchase your session here on the website, and I will be in touch with you to set a mutually convenient time for your consultation at your home during daytime hours.

Your session with your animal friend is a sacred and special time. I will never share your information with anyone. The session is completely confidential, and I adhere to the same privacy practices as any medical, spiritual or mental health professional.

My goal in working with you and your animals is to increase understanding, love and harmonious existence for you both. I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose illness or disease. I can receive feelings, impressions, perspectives, insights, knowing, and physical sensations or messages from the animal and I will translate that information to you, only as described by the animal. Animal communication is not an alternative or substitute for good veterinary care, proper nutrition or healthy exercise. It is also not a behavior modification program, or substitute for proper and humane training. I cannot make your animal stop his or her bad habit. I can be helpful in sharing the animal's perspective, and we can work together- you, the animal and me - to develop understanding and options that often greatly help the situation. 

Please refer to this document, written by Penelope Smith, that beautifully and clearly describes the professional ethics and boundaries that I adhere to in my practice, Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators .

The animals we will be working with must be within your animal family, or it be true that you have care, custody and control of the animal. I cannot work with an animal whose primary relationship is with someone else unless I have expressed written and verbal consent from that person that they allow their animal to participate in the consultation session. If you have any questions about this at all, please ask me prior to scheduling your appointment. 

A 48 hour cancellation notice is required if you must cancel your appointment. If you need to reschedule, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment and your consultation fee may be applied to a future date.